Batteries for Flash Photography

1st Mar 2016

For photographers, AA batteries for camera flash can get very expensive!  

There are 4 major advantages in converting to Powerex 2700mAh AA batteries for your flash!

1.  Performance: Recycle Time 

Powerex 2700 AA batteries has lower internal resistance than Alkaline, meaning it will be able to release energy much quicker and efficiently as well.  This translates to much faster recycle time than compared to alkaline batteries

2.  Performance: Number of Flashes

Powerex 2700 AA batteries is designed with more usage energy under heavy load in applications like a camera flash.  This allows the Powerex 2700 AA batteries to drive your flash for twice as many flashes as the alkaline batteries.

3.  Cost

This one is easy, Powerex 2700 AA batteries are rechargeable, you can reuse them hundreds of times.  You might have a higher initial investment cost, but you will easily recover that cost in a few months.  The savings will add up over the lifespan of the batteries and chargers.  You can easily save many hundreds of dollars.

4.  Environmental Impact 

Alkaline batteries goes to the landfill when they are out of power.  It adds up quickly, by using Powerex 2700 AA batteries, you will reduce the amount of trash that goes into the landfill.  

So, you get better performance, save a lot of money and creating a better environment.  You should definitely give the Powerex 2700 AA a try in your camera flash if you haven't already!

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